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12. Aug. 14 - 05:13:16

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I've got a few things I need help with sorting out, number one is being able to turn off auto accept party invites, I would like a way to be able to disable this as I don't want it to auto accept. Number two is the text under my action bar I would like to change the font and or make it bigger as I find that a lot of the numbers look exactly the same as one another.

I'm really liking the UI but you seem to have taken out a lot of the ease of access options and made it a lot harder to do simple things.


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There are a few options missing at this time.
The party invites arent done. I forgott to insert some options. So i will add them to the next build.

With the options for the fonts. With version 11 there are some more options to customice the frames like the font, fontsite and stuff.
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