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New Release this weekend! AsphyxiaUI After some trouble with some of our hosting providers we are back again and there are some plans for the future.

As some of you known there are still some things going on on the website. There are quite a few changes here and there we are bringing step by step.

We have some more plans for the website. There will be more stuff...

And there will be the next update on this weekend. This fixes the missing languages and many more stuff. We are also bringing some modules back in the ui that are missing since the last release.


When will the new release be ready for download since the weekend is over?
Still waiting.. Where is the new release?
Hallo Sinaris

Erst mal schöne Ostern!!!!!

Wollte fragen bis wann das neue Update zu verfügung steht ??

Hello sinaris,

First of all i would like to say that i really like asphyxiaui and the work/time you put in the ui to keep it updated etc. From all the UI's ive tested, this one is the most to my liking.
What i dont like is you saying there will be a release "next" weekend and in the meantime another week passes with no update..

Could you either keep your word, or not get us excited for nothing.

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