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AsphyxiaUI 12.1.0, new premium subscription, premium giveaway AsphyxiaUI The latest version is now ready for download. There are some things missing and not all the plugins are coded yet, but the important things are done for now.

We are also working on the missing skinning files as well.
Next update, new homepage soon AsphyxiaUI We are currently working on the next release of AsphyxiaUI. Tomorrow there will be the next release which have many things fixed.
We are also working on the new homepage. There are a lot of more cool features coming with our redesign.
Stay tuned!
New update available AsphyxiaUI Our next download is available!

Please delete your old Interface and WTF folder. Otherwise there can be much LUA errors!
Download available AsphyxiaUI You can find it here:
Download will be available AsphyxiaUI Yes. There will be a download available for WoD!

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